Tax Planning

Do you want to reduce your tax liabilities? Probably you can do it by panning your taxes.

Tax planning is the analysis of the various source of income and deduction Theron to guarantee that you pay the lowest possible taxes. It includes the timing of income, size, purchasing timing, and expenditure planning.

Individual investors' financial plans should have tax planning as a key component. Reducing tax liability and increasing the ability to contribute to retirement plans are critical success factors. It is an art that allows the taxpayer to plan his/her financial affairs in a way that he/she can get benefitted from all eligible provisions of tax law. In short, an efficient way to save taxes is tax planning.

You have to send your tax return on time, and when you do, you want it to be accurate. Above all, you don't want to pay any excess tax than you need. Here, at Prudent Wealth, we understand how important it is for you to get this done right.

Drafting your return with the least possible tax on your investments and arranging payments directly from your portfolio eliminates your hurdles. It's all, of course, safe if you need to verify in the future.

  • Claim deduction u/s 80c and save tax up to Rs. 46,800*
  • Plan your long-term gains and save taxes.
  • File your Income Tax Return at a low cost.

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